A Mother- Father Complexe

A Mother-Father Complex

This book is about love, which makes a woman both into a lover and a mother of the one who feels outside and makes a negation of a person's manhood when he thinks it's only he who counts. This book also speaks about a father who makes himself into a defender of pleasures, not necessarily his own pleasures but others' pleasures, most certainly, and also mine. And lastly, this is about an initiation, but contradictory to modern thoughts about initiations there is no penetration involved, rather a purely joyful humor between a father and his daughter.

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Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr

The Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr

This work has dealt with three plays of the Irish woman playwright Marina Carr. "Portia Coughlan," "By the Bog of Cats" and "Woman and Scarecrow" is here related to the topic of beasts, be it through human language, an animal context or as in a concrete figure. The whole work has a Derridean perspective as its theoretical tool. Jacques Derrida who is famous for the invention of deconstruction also developed in his later years an ethic around animals and how we humans should engage in our relationship with all kinds of beasts. In the prolongation of that, as Derrida is read in this text, humanity must admit the animal also in man as a defined force for our culture.